“Dear Diary, today I was pompous and my sister was crazy.”

– Safe, Firefly

Lost is getting really fucking confusing. I’m now in early S3, and I never realized before how many of the secrets I picked up through pure pop culture osmosis. Now, I’m in blind territory and it is really, really fucking confusing. Plus, I’m about 5 years late to the party. S’alrighty.

Didn’t write any words today, and didn’t really get the emails written that needed to be written. Also, need to get on that job thingy.

Other than that, fairly productive day. Made some blueberry muffins a la Allrecipes.com. Very crunchy cinnamon-sugar crumble on top and vanilla and Grand Marnier in the batter. Finished spreadsheet-ing so far.

Now I’m going to bed, as soon as I finish this episode of Lost. Damn you, Abrams.

Also, POC’s dying to the left, POC’s dying to the right. Nothin’ but POC’s and women. Great job writers. I can’t wait to see what the Vaughan episodes look like.

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