Spaceman Says Everybody Look Down by [info]addandsubtractStar Trek AU. Cobb is the shittiest captain ever, Saito is the best First Officer ever, Yusuf is just here to pilot the ship in the general direction of no fucking clue, Ariadne makes a very convincing Bones, Arthur is wondering why they always end up kidnapped by aliens for a mating ritual, and Eames is enjoying every second. BONUS! Newbie Robert in the transporter room.

I am the Hero of This Story by [info]electrumqueenMal wakes up from the dream that Dom refused to trust her enough to leave. She and Arthur pick up the pieces of their broken families, blood and otherwise. Also, my new personal canon. Mal is magnificent in this story in the way that Christopher Nolan just couldn’t accomplish.

Imprint/Extract by [info]helenvalentineDollhouse crossover. Ivy as the mother of extraction and inception.

OH&S by [info]mercurial_witYusuf educates the team in proper hygienic use of the PASIV. It’s apparently a lot like trying to teach a middle school sex-ed course. Kids hooking up left and right and no one paying attention to teacher.

The Strange and Unexpected Life of Robert Fischer, D.V.M. by [info]solarcat05The kind of really sweet and satisfying coda for Robert that has to do with him fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian and fulfilling his adulthood dream of being happy. 😀


La Petite Mort by [info]falseeeyelashesNot the most conventional kick and certainly the most frustrating but it gets the job done. Delicious.

Amidst Paper Kisses by [info]finkpishnetsHogwarts AU where Dom worships Mal from afar, and Arthur has to show him how to get the girl.

Those You’ve Known by [info]goddesspharoA couple scenes from Arthur and Ariadne, extractors and inceptors.

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose by [info]honey_wheelerIt’s different but the same in reality as in dreams.

Perfection in Design by [info]kellifer_ficThe pinnacle of design, of course, being Arthur’s face.

Like a Bruise, Pulsing in Her Heart by [info]vivaraquelita Five kisses where Arthur is the master of stealing kisses, and Ariadne finally steals one back. Totally hot and really quite adorable.


I Have Not Yet Forgot Myself To Stone by Anon – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind crossover. Eames is the extractor, and Arthur is the client. Eames is also the poor sap falling in love with his client.

Buongiorno, Felicita by Anon – Not even kinky, other than Eames constantly being horny and letting everyone know about. No. Instead, what we have here, is the most joyfully awesome specimen of gangster AU possible, set to the Inception universe and with bonus specialty Italian pastry maker Yusuf.

Love You Much Better by [info]andrealynEames gets dosed with Yusuf’s experimental pheromone-inducing substance which affects Arthur not at all because as we true fans know, Arthur is already in love with Eames. Unfortunately (or fortunately for us), the rest of the team and the world has a great deal more trouble dealing with their passions.

The Man of My Dreams by [info]andrealynEames meets Arthur first in Cobb’s dreams. Makes for a really fucked timeline when it comes to his romancimatizing of real life Arthur.

You’re in a Maze by [info]andrealynAriadne glimpses two sides to the same love story in, where else, their dreams.

Too Much Like the World We’re Stuck In by [info]anowlinsunshine Eames and Arthur in Limbo.

Our Shiny City by [info]atomicskull – Hipster/Art school love story that makes me want to dress the two up in hipster hoodies and rolled up jeans and listen to them talk forever about art. Also, I need to go out immediately and look up all of this stuff because I am so very uneducated in contemporary, modern, post-modern, and really any art past the 19th century.

Shades of Mediocrity by [info]balphasArthur’s really bad at being normal, and picking up on Eames’ signals. But, don’t worry, it all works out in the end.

Adagietto by [info]bookshop – Orchestra AU! Eames is a savant, Arthur thinks he’s an idiot.

The Sake Games by [info]bookshopOMG. Omg. omg. What?! Everyone makes out with Eames and each other. But then Arthur gets jealous, so really, truly, this is an Eames/Arthur story. Still. OMG!

Dreams Are For Rookies by [info]foxxcubHigh School AU! Arthur and Eames in the greatest transition from most awkward to hottest Seven Minutes in Heaven ever.

Lord Knows It Would Be the First Time by [info]hackthisEames is of the opinion that Arthur is too awesome to be real. I am now of the opinion that JGL is too awesome to be real. Bonus JGL singing in French vid at the end of the story.

No One Gets Out Alive by [info]hackthis –  A love story where Arthur denies his feelings until he can’t and along the way, learns how to cook to impress Eames.

The Eames and Arthur Supervisory Hour by [info]hackthisThe whole team takes turns supervising them or the one where Eames keeps getting Arthur inappropriate gifts of the extravagant and romantic nature.

Don’t Call My Eames by [info]ivynightsJealous Arthur is a wonderful explosion of sexy tension. And the Gaga reference doesn’t hurt. “Of course his name is Alejandro.”

The Gates of Horn and Ivory by [info]jibrailisWell, holy brain bending, Batman. Arthur wakes up in an alternate universe where he’s actually got a shot at happiness and peace with eames. The only problems are whether this is a dream, and even if it is, if he’s willing to stay on the subway platform and skip the train to reality.

Any Way You Choose to Give It by [info]pyrimidineBoarding School AU! That is all you need to know. Except, of course, for the awesome DRAMA due to Arthur’s inability to be a human being. Don’t worry, Eames loves him anyways. And sequel.

Modern Love by [info]pyrimidineArthur is actually a government-built android prototype that Cobb stole (for Eames to admire, obviously). It’s scary how this fandom writes me what I want before I even have to ask.

Ready, Aim, Misfire by [info]pyrimidineArthur is a firefighter, and Eames is the absolutely most incompetent (or the best, depending on your view) arsonist. Fire number 4 (that’s right, there’s more than four fires) has got to be my favorite.

Sort of Revolution by [info]pyrimidineIn which Eames fits his apartment around Arthur’s inability to fully materialize as Perfection Personified until after a morning routine that would put a drunken clown to shame. Adorable!

Save Lay My Rifle Down by [info]queendombythe_cYusuf, Ariadne, Eames, and Arthur decide to crash the Louvre while Arthur disentangles his dream relationship from his dreams.

If there is a college AU to be had, I will write it by [info]severedscytheEames wooing Arthur by being an annoying dick.  Wait. That’s, like, every Arhtur/Eames story. Erm, this one is set in a college? For the LULZ!

This is it, boys, this is war by [info]skyvehicleArthur and Eames on a road trip to Toulouse.  And sequel.

Conspirators in Living by [info]smallacts – Arthur’s backstory with a mother who introduces him to the business of dream-sharing at the age of seven, and an Eames who introduces him to the life outside of business

Dull Boy by[info]sparky77 Eames does it because it’s fun, and Arthur does because he can.

Incipit by [info]thehoyden – Literary AU! Eames is a brilliant, genius writer, and Arthur is his equally brill, much more organized editor. Together they write prize-winning novels, publish smutty porn under Eames’ alias and Arthur’s real  name, and travel to Europe to write “Inception,” the novel.

Waiting On by [info]thehoyden Eames is the short order cook/diner owner who fries his way into Arthur’s heart.

Like a Trick of Light by [info]two_if_by_sea – Eames is totally destroyed by an Arthur incapable of loving him back. There’s also a magical sequel where Neal Caffrey heals Eames somewhat, on the same page, by [info]stungunbilly.

En Route to Transylvania by [info]weatherfront – Vampire Arthur and Goat Herder Eames find true love amidst rural Eastern European concerns of agriculture, bumbling but well-meaning villager friends, and vampire hunting raids.


But in Your Dreams (whatever they may be) by [info]kellifer_ficOh, Yusuf. Shared dreams and apparently everyone’s deepest darkest desire is Arthur.

Remember How You Got Here by [info]kellifer_fic Okay, so technically it’s an Ariadne/Arthur but Eames eels his way into the situation just by being his charming self, and so this is how I’m going to remember the fic.

My Slumbering Heart by [info]vega_writesVictorian AU. Something about a movie predicated on dreams brings out the AU writer in everyone. Which is really freakin’ awesome. A bit of love between the three as they do their job.

The New World Order by [info]vinylroadAriadne’s bent and broken path, through Eames and Arthur, to the termination of her natural dreaming.

My Reccing Heroes


SMART EAMES!: Why [info]bookshop is totally my favorite Inception (really, Eames) pusher. It’s an entire page on the kink meme devoted to how Eames is secretly the smartest, most brilliant one on the team and how it makes Arthur hot. How is this kink meme giving me things I didn’t even know I wanted? Like Eames keeps giving Arthur things he didn’t know he wanted?!



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