Iron Man


Almost No One Makes It Out by [personal  profile] atrataTony Stark the army grunt makes his way into, through, and out of the military. Also, hot Pepper on mechanical bull action  in the totally kick-ass kind of way.

Chloe Liked Olivia by [info]marinarusalka Pepper and Christine Everhart develop a friendship.

Concession by [personal  profile] obsession_incChristine Everhart investigates the story of Tony and Pepper’s appearance. The word that comes to mind when everyone describes this story is “wrong”. That or “brilliant”. What is it about Iron Man that lends itself so well to being twisted into the most horrific of scenarios and relationships in such an awesome way?

The Hardest Part of Your Job by [info]quigonejinn – Another brilliantly twisted AU. In this one, Pepper ends up Obie’s assistant.

“The Kids Aren’t Alright” by Christine Everhart by samdonne A Vanity Fair profile of Tony Stark written by our favorite VF journalist

Pepper/Agent Coulson

Shoebox Greetings by monimala – Pepper/Agent Coulson,  He wins her over with penmanship, sportsmanship, and shoes.


Days Like These by abvj Pepper and Tony play their game out a little bit further but never all the way.

Firefighter by [info]awanderingbardPepper puts out the fire and gets the job.

Hot Rods and Kleenex by [info]bacchae23A comforting little tidbit where Pepper worries and Tony understands.

For Today or the Rest of My Life by [info]calicokat –  Pepper gets a boyfriend and Tony has to deal.

A Small and 100% Innocent Token of Gratitude by [info]svilleficrecs Tony picks up a foot fetish but it seems to only apply to Pepper’s feet.

Irreparable by [info]svilleficrecs – When Pepper gets kidnapped and abused, Tony tries to pick up the pieces. Doesn’t help that he’s broken, too.


Advances in Thermodynamics by sotto_voiceKaylee goes to work for Stark  Industries on an Alliance planet.


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