The Office


Build Our House on a Mountain by [info]lowriseflare and [info]annakovskyPam/Pacey, weirdly enough. It’s one of those stories where I’ve watched hardly any Dawson’s Creek, enough Fringe to be annoyed by ex-Pacey, and yet I’m looking around wondering where my slightly-awkward-but-actually-really-amazing-hot-and-sexy NY roommate is. Lucky Pam. As someone in the comments said, it defies all logic that she gets Jim and Pacey back to back.


Pack Up Your Bags, It’s Never Too Late by [info]annakovskyThe one where Jim gets invited to a conference in San Francisco and Pam goes along as his “domestic partner”.

Live Better, Work Union by [info]kyraficThe one where the warehouse unionizes, the branch falls apart, and Pam and Jim fall together


Life Under the Observer Effect by [info]annakovsky – Ryan ends up with a version of Pam that doesn’t feel like a wet rag.


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