Sherlock Holmes


Rough Edges Series by [personal profile] basingstoke TV. Black Books Crossover. Which is total genius and something I would never ever have thought of. This entire series is comedy gold as we’re introduced to the rest of the Holmes family in the most delightfully disturbing ways.


5 Times John Watson Quite Unintentionally Saw Irene Adler Naked by [info]flowrs4opheliaMovie. A full-fledged story about the first time Irene Adler storms into and out of their lives, based on a case surrounding the theft of a maharajah’s diamond. It’s an amazing story where you get to see just how well Irene matches Holmes, and how well Watson complements him.


Clever Woman, Doctor’s Wife Series by laleithaMovie. Absolutely wonderful series following Mary through her progression from independent young woman to a doctor’s fiancee to eager and equal member of a most intriguing (infuriating) menage a trois.

Georgina Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes

The Least of All Possible Mistakes by rageprufrockTV. AHHH! AHHH! Too many feels for one  . . . AHHHHHH! The one where George is a woman, and Mycroft is straight, and they fall inexplicably in love, and Sherlock keeps trying to DELETE it from his brain.


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