The Tragic, Doomed, and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay by [info]captanddeastarThe one where John and Rodney and the rest of Atlantis raises a little girl who grows into a totally kick-ass 12 year old with designs on older men in her search for the perfectly tragic and doomed love that is her birthright.


A Beautiful Lifetime Event by[info]astolatClassic reluctant baby-fic with a bit of being-married-without-knowing-it thrown in for good measure. This is the fic that introduced me to SGA fandom, and probably created my bulletproof kink for a baby+family story done well.

No Refunds or Exchanges by[info]astolatThe one where John is a mail order bride, and Rodney tries to be honorable and ends up in love.

Ordinary Life by[info]astolatThe one where they try to take a vacation on Earth and end up kicking ass and taking names, while coming to appreciate each other’s penises(penii?).

Under the Sea by[info]astolatThe one where John, the frat bro, doesn’t really need help in physics but Rodney, the child genius, gives it to him anyways.

Solitary by [info]esteefeeThe one where John gets bored in prison, and a soft scientist saves John by going through with the holy enema.

The Number of a Man by [info]fluffyllamaThe one where John creates a son while in stasis, and misses him horribly when he wakes up.

Forget Me Not by[info]maisieritaThe one where they’re in prison with amnesia, but it’s actually not that bad until John gets double amnesia and still manages to re-invent pizza and ice cream.

The Difference Engine by [personal  profile] sam_storytellerThe one where John died and came back as a terminator created by Rodney and Zelenka. And then doesn’t have an identity crisis when he finds out.

A Farm in Iowa universe by[info]sheafrotherdon– The one where John is a farmer in Iowa, Rodney is a professor of physics, and Finn is their crazy cute hellion of a son.

Lines on a Tenth Wedding Anniversary by [info]siriaeve A day in the life of the most established and in love couple on Atlantis

Sheppard’s Law by [info]cesperanza The one where John gets stuck in a device that keeps trying to kill him by going into his past and pulling the plug in varyingly more and more creative ways. Rodney goes in and tries to save him. It’s a lot of work.

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose by [personal profile] synecdochicOne of the cornerstone stories of SGA fandom. Rodney builds his life and future on Earth after losing Atlantis and her favorite son. Or the story of how Rodney entered a dinky, second-tier school and used his hard-earned courage and wisdom to send his children forth to make the world a better place.


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