The Chainsaw Job by [info]annerbhp Parker, Hardison, and Elliot take on the zombipocalypse.

Spring Force by [info]dotficYoung Parker realizing that money is the key to freedom, and that, therefore, theft is the key to always staying free.

The New York ComicCon Con by [info]epeebladeParker, Hardison, and Eliot help out Hardison’s internet buddy at the New York Comic Con.

The You and Whose Army Job by [info]liviapennSGA crossover where Teyla catches Eliot’s eye then kicks his ass.


It’s All So Clear to me Now by [info]fools_gameParker isn’t stupid. The gang through her eyes.


The Underwire Job by [info]brown_bettyParker drafts Eliot into her battlefield of LURVE! And then hilariousness ensues because really, what particular part of that previous sentence didn’t warn you that this would all end in gut busting laughter? #1 in the Odd Jobs series.

The Cat-Burglar Job by [info]brown_bettyParker’s old partner holds her kittens hostage in exchange for some diamonds but gets the full fury of the team on his head instead. Meanwhile, Eliot comes to a realization, romantically speaking. #2 in the Odd Jobs series.

House Rules by [info]brown_bettyThe trio set some house rules as they navigate their new relationship.#3 in the Odd Jobs series.

What We Talk About When We Don’t Talk About Love by [info]brown_bettyThe Leverage team members take a vacation, each in his/her own dysfunctional way. And we conclude that no one really appreciates Hardison. Except, maybe, his team. #4 in the Odd Jobs series.

Parker’s Week Off by [info]brown_betty What Parker did during her vacation. #5 in the Odd Jobs series.

When Come Back Bring Pie by [info]liviapennThanksgiving leads to sexy hijinks. Also, food plus sex is weird but food plus porn is Parker approved!


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