In the Box by Dyce: Not everybody who captures the Serenity crew is an evil torturing fiend… although a sense of humour can be almost as bad. Short standalone for comedic purposes.

Reliance by Roseveare: Serenity is damaged crash landing on an Alliance mining planet, landing Mal in a sea of compromise that threatens to split the crew.


The Horseshoe Nail Series by Dyce: Beautifully interwoven with the tv series and movie, it consists of the stories, in this order,

Two Gorram Days : Jayne is left all alone with a bad leg and a crazy girl for two days. It doesn’t go as badly as it could.

Kinship: Jayne gets more attached to River, Simon and Inara become friends, and Mal is most unhappy.

Bank Job: A teaparty, a card game, a bank robbery and the last appearance of the Blue Hands. River and Jayne’s relationship begins to take shape.

Miranda: The Big Damn Movie, but the altered bonds between the crew make it play out very differently as old relationships strengthen and new ones are formed.

Prodigal: WIP. Post-Miranda, the crew adjust to the changes in their lives and their ‘verse. As the storms caused by the Miranda Clip escalate, the families they left behind have to be faced as a new one comes together on Serenity.


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