Mistaken for Strangers by [info]bellatempleThe Adventures of Jenna and Dean, from how they first met during recess to how she gives him the shit he deserves.

That’s Why a Duck by [info]dotficJohn and Sam team up in a prank war against Dean.

How Becky Totally Saved the World or: PLEASE R&R OR I’LL NEVER WRITE ANOTHER CHAPTER by [info]girl_wonderExactly what the title says. This is crackfic at its finest.

Monkey See, Monkey Do by [info]liptonrm_ficThe one where the Trickster encounters the Antichrist and they ride off into the sunset together.

Stupid People by[info]maychorianThe one where Sam turns into a dog and Castiel into a cat. And Dean has to deal.

Your Ears Tuned to the Roar by [info]musesfool A look at Jo Harvelle’s life at various ages. A coda to episode 5.10

Dessertion by [info]roque_clasiqueThere’s a little girl in the Impala, so Dean teaches her about the loving relationship between vanilla cupcakes and chocolate frosting.

The Mountains in Reply, Angels We Have Heard by [info]unoshotA lovely look at the evolving relationships between Dean, Sam, and Castiel from first Sam’s point of view, then Castiel’s. The one where Castiel is like Cameron in SCC. You wonder what he’s doing when he’s not with the brothers.


Secretly? He Kinda Like It by [info]dramaphileDean/Rhonda. The one with the straight up kink.

Fall on Your Yesterday Heart by [personal  profile] dreamlittleyoJo/John. Time travel. It’s a bitch.

Sunshine State by [info]innie_darlingSam/Jess. The one where we get to see Sam’s three years in college, and he manages to hook up with Irene, date Ben, and move in with Jess.

Form and Content by [info]minim_calibreDean/Rhonda. The one where Dean is an artist’s model and the hot pink panties come into play.


A Wincest Story by [info]trinityofoneDean/Cas, Sam/OFC. Which surprisingly enough, isn’t actually Wincest, per say. Adorable epilogue to the series with Cas as the third Winchester Stooge.

Fire of Heaven by [info]trinityofone Dean/Cas. The one where Dean was Michael all along but still himself and Cas loves Dean for being Dean.

Your Apple Pie Suburban Hell Happily Ever After by [personal  profile] everysecondtuesdayDean/Cas, Becky/Chuck, Sam/Lucifer, Michael/Dutifulness. The most important part of this entire cracky, awesome, fun, exactly-what-I-wanted- after-the-S5 finale, OMFGWTFBBQsauce story, for me, is the fact that Becky’s favorite stepson after marrying GOD!Chuck is Castiel even though she’s clearly a Sam fangirl. And that sentence will make just a little more sense, after you’ve read this story. Which is just so much fun it should be illegal.


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