DC Comics


Heart, Humble by [info]brown_betty “Back then, all the boys his age had hero-worshipped costumed vigilantes. Jack supposes they still do.” Jack Drake finds out about Tim’s late night affairs and works towards an understanding.

Reading and Literacy by [info]brown_bettyCass needs help with a case, and Tim realizes she needs a friend.

Worth and Value by[info]chevauchee Tim quibbles with himself, and Cass reads him.

Living in the Red Light by E Kelly – Batman as told from the point of view of Tess, a whorehouse madam and de facto spy in Batman’s street army.

Measured Out in Coffee Spoons by [info]hradzka – Horrifyingly awesome sketch of what happens once the Joker is actually rehabilitated.


‘All other fetters’ by [info - personal] glossFive (or Six) Orgasms, Some or All of Which Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne Almost Certainly Shared, Somewhere, In Some Guise or Other


The Robin Hood Clause by [info]tl__dr –  Kate is having girl problems. Catwoman likes nice things.”

Superman/Lois Lane

Getting Eaten Alive by TandrelmaironGorgeous rendition of the saga of Superman and Lois, including how she comes to know and love the man underneath the suit. The one that reads like a beautiful paean to classic 1930’s Superman, except set in modern times and without the cheesiness or sexism.

Shatterfall by TandrelmaironAU where Superman lives in a world where he hasn’t got time to be Clark. The Shatterfall refers to a supposedly natural occurence that has killed thousands of people. While Lois searches for answers and Superman saves lives, they work together to hold onto life and their budding friendship.

Wonder Woman/Batman

Escape Artistry by[info]hradzka The one where Wonder Woman learns said art from Batman, they get close, defeat Zeus together, and then find that Batman’s too Spartan after all.

In Darkest Light by Meljean Brooks – The one where Wonder Woman and Batman have sex with each other while under a spell, and actually travel to the Underworld to find a solution.


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