Girl Talk by Candychelle44 : Chloe and Martha Sullivan have a chat.

The Flood by Paperbkryter : Clark vs. Mother Nature

Damascene by Paperbkryter : Tragic events force Martha Kent to make some drastic changes and choices.

The Outsiders by Paperbkryter : A “baby Clark” fic. Clark’s twelve and feeling a bit alienated.

Consanguinty by Paperbkryter : Clark seeks to remember something from his childhood, and believes Lex may be the key.

Golgotha by Paperbkryter : What if someone did lock Clark up in a lab?

Sister and Brother by Snuffleupagus : Conversations between Lex and his Mary-Sue sister Lilly. Not quite as lame as it sounds; there’s sarcasm and correct punctuation and everything.


It’s a Wonderful Chloe by Chiriru : When Chloe Sullivan starts contemplating her life without Smallville, a friend from both the past and future shows her a Smallville without her life.

Snowflakes by DebC : Clark picks Chloe’s name in a gift exchange.

Reunion by Edie : A decade later, Chloe and Clark find one another again.

Snowfall by Gemma : A snowball fight between Chloe and Clark results in bigger consequences than anticipated.

The Restorative Properties of Viscum Album by Hope : Chloe’s very scientific survey of the citizens of Smallville yields an unquantifiable result from Clark.

Something I Don’t Already Know by Livia : “You remember that I’m Lois Lane, right? Danger is my middle name.”

Match Girl by LJC : Chloe could really learn to hate Mother Nature.

More by LJC : Post Tempest. Chloe is determined not to let Clark Kent break her heart again. But an equally determined Clark isn’t going to let her push him away.

Raincheck by LJC : Clark’s not quite himself and Chloe’s not sure how to handle the new Clark. A scene I wish were in Red. Written in August, based on spoilers.

Resolution by Molly : Clark Kent is not too happy with one of Chloe Sullivan’s New Year’s Resolutions…

Much Ado About Nothing by Misty Flores : Evidence can be a little harder to deny when it comes directly from the horse’s mouth.

Oblivion by Paperbkryter : One possible future for Chloe, Clark and Lex. This is a very dark tale, and a bit racy!

Thy Lips Are Warm by Paperbkryter : A stirring stream of consciousness from Chloe’s point of view as she desperately searches for a way to turn back the clock

The Boat by Paperbkryter : Summer’s over and both Chloe and Clark make discoveries.

Half Baked Potato by Paperbkryter : Oh this is just silly! Post Nicodemus. Clark is finished taking his SAT test and in the time remaining his mind starts to wander.

Flying Lessons by Paperbkryter : Chloe teaches Clark how to fly.

Elvis Luvs ET by Paperbkryter : Clark and Chloe go to the movies.

Walk A Mile by Paperbkryter : Chloe wakes up one morning feeling a little bit – alien.

Roses and Thorns by Paperbkryter : Chloe discovers she’s not as out of love with Clark as she thought she was, and that maybe she shares those feelings with someone else.

Bella Notte by Paperbkryter : Clark and Chloe share a quiet moment. Set just prior to the events in the Season 6 finale, Phantom.

Visions of Sugarplums by Wiccid Sister : Clark and Chloe are having visions.


Timing is Everything by Dyce : You should be careful who you get into a car with… and sometimes rescuers aren’t who you’d expect.

I Drive the Car by Dyce: Chloe has a potential lead on a new story… but her best friends are all too busy to help her hunt it down. So she has to improvise.

You’d Better Not Go Down to the Woods Today by Dyce : There’s weird, there’s Smallville weird, and then there’s just plain *strange*. Today, Pete, Chloe, Lex and Clark all get to experience the latter kind of weird. (Now with extra dinosaur!) [Sequel to ‘I Drive The Car’]

Coffee, Right in Your Own Home by Dyce : Post-Vortex, both Chloe and Lex really need to talk. And coffee always helps, too. [Third in the ‘I Drive The Car’ series]

Surprise, Surprise by Lucy Mars : “Who you see and who I really am are two complete different people.”

New Game by Lucy Mars : “It was a new game now.” Sequel to Surprise, Surprise.

Theory by Michellemine : Chloe tests a theory. Toplessness ensues.

Persephone by moonmaid : A freak-of-the-week with the power to grant your heart’s desire hurls Chloe and Lex headlong into their own version of a well-known Greek myth.

Betrothed to the Enemy by SixEcho: The terms of Lionel’s last will and testament were anything but simple. Lex Luthor will inherit a large share of the fortune only if he agrees to the terms of the contract. He must find love and marry a woman. If they are still together, in a year then Lex will gain his inheritance, if not, the money will be forfeited. He has one week to get himself a wife. (WIP)


Chandler’s Field : The final word on Smallville fan fiction. Almost all of the stories listed above are posted somewhere amongst the numerous websites and collections in here.

Halogen : Kathe’s fan fiction archive, centered on Chloe and pairing her with Clark and Lex (mostly Lex). Ranges from fluffy to angsty.

Girl Friday : Another of LJC’s gorgeous sites, based on Chloe. Are you sensing a theme here? I’m a bit of a fan of Chloe. 🙂

Chapel of LOVE: YES! After years of mourning the loss of this particular archive, I found Wendi has now set up shop in AO3 with her Chapel of Love series starring an animated Wally West and Smallville’s Chloe Sullivan. This is an epic love story that comes complete with hilarious Clark/Lex/Lois issues and Justice League guest appearances. 😀


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