ThirtyOne Not-Hyperlinked Flashforwards by [info]boundbyspellsGen. A Yuletide story about the planning of Marshall’s bachelor party, how Lily changed a stripper’s life, and the origins of Slut Up!


Nothing Changes, Everything Changes by [info]boundbyspellsBarney/Robin.  The one where Barney shows up exactly 365 days later, they have the talk about commitment, and we get to make up our own ending.

How His Friends Became Her Friends by [info]boundbyspellsBarney/Robin. In which Ted’s wife sees the obvious and points it out to the gang. Who then proceed to flip out and then accept the awesome.

Leave No Man Behind by Clio – Barney/Robin. The one where Barney and Robin enter into a marriage of convenience and end up in a marriage of complete awesomeness. I wonder what it takes to actually be banned from the country of Romania?


Totally Pretend by [info]boundbyspells Lily/Barney. The one where Lily pretends a little and Barney totes thinks that they’re in a relationship.


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