Inspiration Board #3: Seasons Passing

The year comes to an end, and the seasons fall slowly into each other, summer dying into fall into winter. Brilliant hues of earth are stripped bare and laid open to the elements. The shadows come to reign during cold nights, birthing tales of unseelie and demons and human evil but also magic and wonder and human courage, leading us through the dark and twisted evenings until the sun finds us again.

Clockwise from Top Left Corner

1. Deviant Art: “Misinformed” by GunnerRomantic

2. Deviant Art: “ATC: Snow Queen” by Reneenault

3. Deviant Art: “Queen Titania” by bluefooted

4.  Deviant Art: “Snow White and the Woodsman” by stabstabstab

5. Deviant Art: “Desire” by bluefooted

6. Deviant Art: “St. Alia of the Knife” by bluefooted

7. Deviant Art: “The Dark” by sandara

8. Deviant Art: “I caught you, my star” by whitepearlvoice376

9. Edmund Dulac: The Snow Queen