List of Stuff My Brain is Trying to Convince Me to DO

1. Cook a dish with each cut of beef, pork, and chicken. Really know the animal I’m eating.

2. Ride my bike to Homestead Farm and back.

3. Actually finish the International Reading Challenge

4. Actually win NaNoWriMo

5. Write 500 words a day for a year.

6. Screenprint a shirt.

7. Bleach print a shirt.

8. Create a shirt design and submit it to threadless.

9. Write a short story and submit it to a scifi or fantasy zine.

10. Make early morning bike riding a part of my routine.

11. Take up yoga.

12. Learn and memorize a song a month.

13. Visit friends in Boston.

14. Visit friends in Seattle.

15. Get my driver’s license.

16. Visit a speakeasy.

17. Fulfill the 24 hour comic book challenge.

18. Cook a dish with ox or goat.

19. Bake a patisserie-worthy cake.

20. Invent a new cupcake.

21. Build a yearbook for the kids.

22. Write a blog post a day for a year.

23. Finish a crochet project.

24. Learn fiddle.

25. Learn enough music theory to compose a piece for a string quartet.


New Year, New Post

Brinner. Commonly known as “Breakfast for Dinner”.  Which I am consuming right now.

Menu du soir

Buttered blueberry pancake w/ Grade A maple syrup

Brown sugar glazed bacon

Scrambled eggs with fine sea salt

A double portion of Swiss Miss hot chocolate w/marshmallows

Tidbit for the Day

Aliens made them do it.

That’s what they found out later when the whole mess was through. It started with the charismatic leader of a splinter group in the Jewish community during the age of Roman expansion. And it ended with the ineffable judgement of higher beings on their measly three thousand year old culture.

Hannah, who had grown up only ever knowing a world where the alien presence was prevalent, remembered how her grandparents shied away from the aliens in the streets in very clear xenophobia. When she heard them ranting about the Constitution and inalienable rights, she heard nothing but the outdated rants of people who’d lived past their sell by date. Not that she wished her relatives harm but it was embarassing bringing her friends over to a house where they’d hear all sorts of phobic insults and speciesist mutters.

No idea where I was going with this. It’s not even a tidbit. More of a fleeting thought. But I figure, I’ve got 150 words today. I’ll do 300 tomorrow. And maybe 450 after that.

Also, mainlining Lost (thanks Elaine’s bf Ryan).  Just got to Season 1 finale and my faves thus far are Hurley and Rousseau. Also Turnip Head (aka Aaron) and Sawyer’s relationship.

Just an excuse to get to Black Friday

Well, that and pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Day.  What a fucking joke. Although I’m coming to a belated yet truly heartfelt realization of how awesome my liberal, guilt-ridden, Native-Americans-Were-Screwed-Over-By-White-Folks-And-Continue-To-Get-Screwed-Over-By-The-Rest-Of-America-For-All-Of-Time-aware education was. It’s the little things in life like slapping the native population in the face, then celebrating the one time you “condescended” to eat with the natives cuz let’s face it, they had all the food anyways, that makes you sit up and realize what a great nation America is.

Anyways, it’s always interesting celebrating this holiday from an Asian-American point of view, emphasis on the American part. We’ve got the kimchi next to the turkey and the shrimp tempura next to the greenbean casserole.

But it’s not just the food. It’s the sharp divide between our parents’ generation and us kids. We’ve had two Caucasian significant others at our Asian bonanza within the last several years, and chances are it’ll only get “worse”. If I ever leave my shell and actually start dating some of these nice geeks I meet all over the place. And if my brother ever gets serious about his long-term, on and off gal pal.

My wishlist for Friday will probably include a laptop, Seasons 1 & 2 of Terminator: SCC, Pushing Daisies, and Star Trek Reboot.  Also, it looks as though the best way to celebrate my birthday might be with a Disney movie.