Evening Thoughts of the Day

No more excuses. From now on, it’s post at least once a day, preferrably twice with my morning thoughts and evening thoughts. In my rare moments of thinking further than two weeks into the future, I envision a life where I’m stable, able to pay back my family, and doing something I love.

Unfortunately, I have a twangy feeling in my heart that tells me I’m only going to get two of those, because that’s how Life makes sure I’m not getting too cocky. As if it’s ever given me the chance to get cocky. For once, I really would like to rock out with my cock out. Not just get by  . . . with my cock shy?

For my own future reference (and future memoir), I’m currently in a transitional phase where I’m debating applying to the Americorps or an unpaid internship at a banging art gallery. Not that the service army will pay me much more than minimum but it’s something. And really, considering the fact that I’ve already squandered, like, tens of thousands of dollars on an education I’ll never finish, something is better than nothing.

Right-o. Momentary bitterness is momentary.

Moving right along, is it sad that I’m actually getting life advice from watching House’s struggles with therapy? This should definitely be a fandom secret.

Exciting weekend ahead. I’ll just have to remember to post about it. Maybe string up some pictures. Make this place look livable. Put an Ikea futon in the corner and all the fly guys will be flocking at my metaphorical doorstep.

Y’know, if they haven’t been confused by my cock jokes. 😀


Oh, weekend!

The weekend is no longer the pristine marker of fun and games that it used to be in my childhood but it does serve as a bit of breathing space from my own idiocy and inability to maintain any kind of deadline or schedule. So the college student weekend ( at least my version of it) is actually pretty sad, especially since I don’t drink.

That’s right, peoples. I don’t drink. As in, any fluids, ever. Yep. I get by on weekly doses of Jensen Ackles, Lee Pace, and Damian Lewis, instead.

My top priorities right now are sleep and catching up on my schoolwork. In that order. Plus, getting over this really frakking annoying cough.

Once I get caught up, though, it’s fun, friends, and family times. Plans for this weekend include going to check out Chris and Iris’ new place and going to Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza and watch all the pretty bendy people over at National Harbor with the ‘rents (sigh, I guess we’ll let the president of UMCP’s chapter of SigChi come, too).

If I thought I had enough brain consciousness to tide me over, I’d want to watch Quantum of Solace. Not that you really need a working brain to watch a Bond film (boom, boom, va va voom, anyone?).

Current desert island music: Bear Mcreary, acoustic Ingram Hill

Discovered: Brodsky Quartet, The Salteens, Black Lips, Kristin Hersh

Apprehensive about: Writing an actual story, NaNoWriMo, reading Phil K. Dick, APO elections, spring courses, homework

Watching: Life, Pushing Daisies, Office, Big Bang Theory, Daily Show, 30 Rock, Crusoe, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Supernatural

Reading: Sailing to Sarantium by Guy Gavriel Kay, Philip K. Dick, Oscar Wilde, Tanith Lee

Soon off to: Home, blissful land of food less than two weeks old and clean laundry

Weight: 129 lb

edit: I lied. I never actually viewed the weekends as a golden, glorious opportunity to have fun. Actually, I think I ended up going to extra math classes most weekends.

Man, my life was really frakking Asian.

July Update

Current desert island music: Emilie Simon, PJ Harvey, Joanna Newsom, Philip Glass, The Dandy Warhols

Discovered: Superhero music, eg. Ballad of Barry Allen, Brainiac’s Daughter, and Superman’s Song & Dirty music, eg. Shivaree and Bitter:Sweet

Apprehensive about: Dark Knight Returns, maintaining friendships with significant players gone, Hopkins

Watching: SurftheChannel, Korean dramas, movies: Prince Caspian & Hellboy

Reading: Patricia McKillip – Forests of Serre, Guy Gavriel Kay – Fionvar Tapestry, Charles de Lint -The Little Country

Soon off to: Russia

Weight: 137 lb