Friday night and the lights are low

I’d be looking for a place to go but I’ve got Flash Gordon and Stargate Atlantis on my mind.  I’m so glad I’m a geek ’cause . . . OMG! Celluci is Sheppard’s BROTHER! The fic practically writes itself! IT really really does. It’s just going to hafta be someone like marag or medie.

 I’m such a sputz (note: I have no idea if that’s a word and if it is, I have no idea what it means).  When Sheppard’s dad’s home showed up, I was all, “oh, Earth is pretty. It must have sucked for the film crew had to move all that equipment from the Pegasus galaxy to Canada.” GAH. Tess, the Pegasus galaxy does not currently exist in the form that you see on TV. Although I’m holding out hope since this is the Year of the Jetpack. The future has arrived. 🙂


The Best Laid Plans of Futuristic Robots and Women

I just finished watching the second episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and the kickassery continues, although I’m still not an out and out FAN. It’s definitely got its moments, and Lena Headey being all badass alongside Summer Glau makes for a very happy Tess, but it’s taking me a while to get into the universe. I don’t know if I’m expecting something or if I’m just missing certain nuances but some of the dialogue isn’t doing it for me. I can feel that it’s well acted and filled with something but none of that emotional oomph has hit me yet. Well, hopefully, I’ll start to get into it with the upcoming episodes. Until Battlestar Galactica starts back up, this’ll do me nicely on the women kicking ass front. 🙂

 Other world-shaking events in the back end of nowhere, I’m headed up to Baltimore this weekend to visit mis amigos y para celebrar el cumpleano de “mi hija”, Nazia. I believe she’s turning 22, and this should be fun. Oh, darn, now that I think of it, it must’ve been Chris’ birthday, too. Gotta hand him a belated card or something. It’ll be nice to see people and have some late night chats without worries that they have work or classes the next day. I’m planning on staying ’til my underwear runs out or I get too in everyone’s faces. I doubt they’ll have much time after Intersession for crazy, little, ole me until graduation. No matter how many times I tell myself I wouldn’t have made it anyways, it still stings to think of my friends graduating this year without me. It’s nothing I haven’t brought upon myself but it still sucks a little. I’d like to go to support my friends but I dunno if I can take watching my class graduate and move on when I’ve basically stalled my life.

 On another conflicted note, I’m a horrible American citizen. I’ve yet to register as a Democrat ( in order to vote in the primaries), and even when I do, I’m still not completely sure who I’ll be voting for. It’s really down to H. Clinton or Obama, and I feel like it should be easier than I’m making it. I’m probably going to be spending more time  trolling through the Washington Post and other news archives for more of a history on the two candidates. Well, if I have time between my researching urban gang activities ( I don’t know yet if I want to go all Batman: Year One with the Mob or 100 Bullets with nitty, gritty modern gangs) and trying to think of which powers would complement Lee’s character and circumstances. Plus, I’ve got a couple of short stories ratttling around half-started and I’d really like to finish what stories I have before the very random and sporadic plot bunnies come back to bite me.


Good Day.

 It started out with E-dawg coming over to make lemon thumbprint cookies and listen to musicals and generally chat about stuff. I attempted to waltz and actually managed to make cheese puffs a la Alice Waters. I’m so glad I’m friends with Elaine. It’s been nigh on twelve years of knowing each other, and despite my being flaky and crazy and just generally not a good friend to have, she’s been there for me. Yeah, occasionally, I get annoyed with her insistence on cheap everything and stubborness but my gods, I’m the one who welches on months long plans, dropped out of school, and ran away from home (not in that order). Hopefully, I manage to actually BE a friend for her amongst my whirlwind of craziness. 

Later, Anica stopped by with her very precocious sister to munch on my surplus of cookies. I do not remember being that smart when I was eleven. I mean, being the self-centered pre-teen that I was, I thought of myself as smart indeed, but looking back, I was not the hot shit that I was utterly convinced I was. Which tells me a lot about what I’m gonna be thinking of myself later down the line.  

SciFi Friday on tonight with new Stargate Atlantis and Flash Gordon episodes. Then,  someone on my flist links to the posthumous post of an American soldier who served in Iraq.  The post merits its own post. In it, the blogger hopes that he managed to make some type of impact on the world, and it might have taken his last post but you can see in the comments and other links that he truly did. But like hradzka, the element of the post that stood out was the fact that the blogger was a Fan. Fans are loyalty, creativity, emotion, community, fanfic, squee, friendship, and a hundred thousand other words that create that spark which other Fans recognize and revel in. I’ve yet to meet a Fan who hasn’t enriched my life.  And until someone proves otherwise, Fan is synonymous with good people to me. And that post just added to my faith in fandom and Fans. So here’s to all of us who know the joy to be had in space and alternate universes, where elves, aliens, and superheroes mirror our sorrows and loves. Where vampires grapple with humanity and humans grapple with monsters. Where Fans can find friends and family of the soul. Kindred spirits.

It may seem wierd to connect these two things; crazy imaginary worlds filled with the dangerous and ineffable next to the world of warm friendships and real, human connections. But I can live with being wierd. I can be proud of it. Because I’ve got Fans right there beside me. 🙂