Day #1: A Poem of Space

In this room, this small space I was born into, I dream of infinity and beyond.

I cast my mind out into the incomprehensible measures of outer space

Zooming among planets and asteroids and planetoids

Like a camera lens,

Moving back and back and back until –

I find that space doesn’t bear down upon me like a weight

But, regardless of the lack of gravity, bears down upon me

More like mass.

The boundless emptiness presses against the back of my head

As I crouch like Atlas or Geb times an infinite number of powers of ten.

———–)>o<( ————

I do not fear eternity without limits, without boundaries.

The vastiness of space enevelops me

But the crowded depths of my inner space

Keep their form.

What is the final frontier for

If not to fill with our nano-voices and mega-thoughts?


Words to fall off my tongue like jeweled toads . . .

hopping madly away as I try to catch them back into my cavernous mouth. They glisten in sunlight and moonlight, some with emerald poison, others with diamond tears. The din of their croaking is nothing to the silence that ensues once others have picked them from the air. They place the sparkling creatures to their ears, and so close to their faces they pick the jewels off like warts, leaving only the bare toad. Too late, the creatures return to my unwilling hands, are placed next to my unwilling ears to fall into my mind like stones.