– Got a part time job at a pretty cool place

– Gonna have to work my behind off to help get Halloween ready for moi and for the bebes

– Screamin’ Halloween mix including Marilyn Manson, Kerli, Ghostbusters, Cobra Starship, Britney Spears, Tom Waits, Jonathan Coulton, Black Keys, Frank Sinatra, and a cross-dressing Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Source: DVD Town

– Crafts Materials: Exacto blades, pumpkins, gold spray paint, spools of thread, aluminum foil, old newspapers, glue, paper.

– Craziness and crazy busy-ness ensue.


Slammin’ Salmon

Fixed the salmon, sort of. I used this recipe from allrecipes.com as a sort of guide. Very, very loosely, as a guide. Cuz I ended up packing the salmon in inches of brown sugar, then finding I had no bourbon, poured a good tumblerful of this wonderful Trappist ale all over it, let the booze soak in for thirty minutes, then broiled the whole shebang.

Which made for an unpalatable, overly sweet salmon.

Seriously, my teeth ached with each bite.

So today, I sauteed some onions and squash, a healthy dose of salt, cumin, cinnamon, and garlic powder, and mixed it all into the sauce. Reduced the sauce, and at the very end soaked in some lemon slices. The lemon slices really did the most to cut the sweetness, but due to all the spices, I got something very closely resembling a cross between Afghan cuisine and Ethiopian. I love the effect of the cinnamin and cumin. But honestly, it was still a bit too much sauce and bit too much sugar. Which is why I’m now boiling some potatoes to pan-fry.

I’m hoping that a bed of red potatoes will be the final step in cutting the awful sugary sweetness of this dish. Wish me luck!

In other news, I was filling out my swapbot profile, for which I made all these playlists that apparently aren’t allowed. So I’m going to try to post them here. Urgh. Formatting.

Self awareness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be . . .

I am crap at dates. I’m surprised I made it through AP World History. At the same time, the most peculiar sense memories evoke precise moments in time. As though some giant deviant crystallized certain songs and scents like so many pieces of amber or ginger in an effort to tease me with the pieces at later dates.

I think it’s quite telling that most of what I remember of my life consists of very embarrassing moments. I’m afraid I’m going to reach the age of eighty and all my life will consist of at that point are fumbled friendships and memories of my every mistake in life. Hopefully all of the other socially awkward and hyper self aware geeks in the world share my torturous talent for instant embarrassment recall. If nothing else, it might make me feel slightly better.

Music, especially, seems to bring out strong memories of phases in my life, which is odd since I just discovered the wide world of music a relatively short time ago. I never got the chance to truly explore the infinite varieties of man made sound until high school, and even then it didn’t become the soul searching occupation that many teenagers build it into ’til college. Once I got into it, though, my love of all forms of art exploded into the usual obsession with bands, artists, and songs. Alternative, classic rock, folk, synth pop, and the list goes on.

. . .
Urk. Brain melt. I just saw the new Spice Girls music video. You’d think they would have left the crack back in the 90’s but it’s all still there. The crackiness and the cheesiness. Zomg. I want to shoot whoever directed that video. Shoot him/her with a shot of anti-crack.

On another note, I’ve now got Restless Buttocks Syndrome. Oh, joy.