The Triumphant Return of Asian Geek Girl!

AGG Returns!
by Lori Lake

Sep. 21, 2006 – Today noted the triumphant return of the Asian Geek Girl to the Nation’s Capital. People have been asking what she’s been up to and why she chose to abandon her home world for so long. Thanks to yours truly, we have the inside scoop with this comprehensive interview. So sit back and enjoy the ride:

LL: So, Geek Girl, the question on everyone’s minds is . . . where have you been?
AGG: To be concise, I’ve been away on an intergalactic mission saving our world and the entire universe from imploding. And I’ve heard that implosion is more painful than explosion so feel free to thank me any time.

LL: Well, that’s certainly a good reason to have missed several months of humanity’s life. Now that you’re back, what’re your plans?
AGG: I’m obviously going to go back to saving the planet from its own stupid mistakes but I thought I’d also start a couple of hobbies, too. While I was on the Planet Lipton, my only allies were the blue squirrels of Tangarina. I would like to make sure all squirrels throughout the galaxy know that they are now considered friends of AGG, and I’d like to start a foundation to help Earth squirrels learn to read and become active citizens of our great nation, America.

LL: . . .
AGG: . . .

LL: Are you serious?
AGG: Yes. Absolutely. And I’d like to color code the squirrels, too. The ones who’d like to ally themselves with my cause of geekdom for all would be dyed blue while the ones opposed to my noble mission would get dyed red. For bloody. Because that’s what they’ll be after I’m through with them.

LL: . . .
AGG: . . .

LL: So, favorite color?
AGG: Green.

LL: Not blue?
AGG: No. I just told you, it’s green. Are you alright?

LL: Fine. Well, that’s all the time we have today. Thank you for your time, Asian Geek Girl.
AGG: It was a pleasure, Lori. Thank you! And don’t forget, The Foundation for Blue Squirrels Against Ignorance and Squirrel Intolerance will be coming to a neighborhood near you soon! Kids, gather all the nuts you can and donate them to your local squirrel.

LL(mutters): and your local nutty superheroine. . .
AGG: What was that?

LL: Oh, nothing. Thank you, again. And Geekdom for ALL!
AGG: especially the blue ones.


Yeah. I went away from livejournal to get 3/4 of my brain removed. As you can see from the interview up there. Anyways, junior year of college is going swimmingly mediocre. On the one hand, mountains of reading and lotsa class hours. On the other hand, awesome room with awesome view of hospital, orgasmic comic book class, and awesome friend time. Oh, and this is mostly written because I enjoy going back in about a year to read blogs I did when I was slightly less mature and a great deal more tired. So prepare for kooky wierdness of the 150 kazoo band playing Hairspray the Musical sort. 🙂

P.S. Nick Duffy is my hero. Mastermind. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novels. KICKASSERY!