Late, Late For a Very Important Date

With you, internets! Only ever with you.

I need to start posting these the day I mean to as opposed to at 3 in the morning on the next day. Anyways, here I am, just spouting off words because I honestly can’t think of anything better to write but consistency is the key here, right?
Well, not right. I could spend the rest of my life pushing some button at the button factory for consistency’s sake but that wouldn’t necessarily lead me anywhere other than Arkham.

Just an odd thought, though, that I had earlier. I was thinking how interesting and awesome it would be to go to one of these cons and ask each artist to draw equal numbers of male pin-ups and female pin-ups. For each picture of Catwoman bending over some diamond necklaces, I’d love to see Batman leaning against a doorframe with his tights ripped “just so”.

I’ve been watching Lost (as mentioned in the last bajillion posts) and the one thing I love about the show is how consistent they are with the equal amounts of girl pretty and guy pretty. If there’s a gratuitous female clothing changing scene, there’s usually a gratuitous shirtless and dripping wet male fishing scene. And so on and so forth. I’d just like an equal number of gender pretties in my comics, if you please. And not that Frank Miller shit where Joker is this slick, metrosexual deviant with an enormous dragon tattoo. That’s just not fun.


Please tie a bow around a sexy Flash in a towel hung low or a drenched Superman with just his cape. Too many artists take the male pin up as an over the top, cheesy kind of art. And I guess it is, just as much as the over the top cheesy kind of pin ups they draw each panel for women.

So fair’s fair. Sexy girly times = Sexy boy toy times. Use your imagination, artists and writers. Actually, that seems to be the problem. Use real life examples. If shows like Lost and Battlestar Galactica can manage sexy boy times without it overpowering the stories being told, I’ve got faith that so can you.

Actually. I’d love to be proven wrong, so I think I’m gonna go look for some genuinely hot panels of various comic book characters from various artists’ sites or scans daily.

But tomorrow.

No writing today, got a couple of emails done, and haven’t finished the good old curriculum vitae, but getting there.

Also, Lost with BKV as story editor. Is it just me or did it suddenly start getting really scary suspenseful again instead of just bloody confusing?


The Daughter of Red Fox

The editor of Shadowline is looking for a new female superhero written by one of us, the common masses.  And so I have decided to join the ranks of rank amateurs in a futile attempt to create a female superhero who can be a role model. Someone for guys and gals to relate to. Someone who can kick ass AND solve crimes.

¬†They say write what you know, so I’m leaning towards a woman around 20 years old, who’s in school and lives with her family. She’s at that age where she’s starting to encounter a world beyond what she’s known, in normal terms such as college and all that entails but also in heroic terms as she gains powers and learns to utilize them. Right now, everything is very much a big jumbly mess of random details, like West VA and East Asian fox legends and a punk younger brother. Love interest is gonna be a fanboy, probably the HHQ librarian/assistant/gofer?

It looks like, the way my writing is going, that my tendency is to put the personal details first. Plot and powers seem to coming in second to characterization and motives. I’ve always been pretty weak on plot and structure but in terms of her powers, I love kickassery and Boom moments so much so that’s what I’m going to be focusing on next. Hopefully, all of this turns into something I’ll be proud of in the end.