Inspiration Board #2: Pop Heroes in Eye Popping Colors

Clockwise from Top Left Corner

1.  Swagger 360: Swagger Rule 33

2. Deviant Art: “Yellow Background” by ~somefield

3. James Jean: Batgirl Issue #45 Cover

4. io9: Mystery Science Theater’s Time Walker

5. Deviant Art: “Terra 2” by *shideh

6. Doctor Who Tardis Fan Blueprints

7. Rafael Albaquerque: Superboy Issue #1 Cover


Inspiration Board #1: Fairy Tale

Rising Sun Hits the Page

Clockwise from Top Left Corner

1. Bright Star: Fanny Sits in Field of Flowers

2. CIT Jet Propulsion Lab: Unicorn’s Rose Nebula

3. Martha Stewart: Paper Flower Pom-poms

4. Deviant Art: “Goldie Doesn’t Like the Bears” by *AngryBird

5. io9: Norway’s Massive Troll Cover-up Exposed!

6. Deviant Art: “ATC 11” by ~OutOfTheOrange

7. Cuba Gallery: Sunset Shot

8. Etsy: Oiseaux’s Vintage Blue Bird Bookplate