Silver Spring and Silver Linings

Phil gave me a ride to the metro on his way to Dave & Busters to root for the Redskins. As though they might win against the Ravens. I’m really not a sports fan but, god, I remember the days when Washington sports were something to be proud of. And it’d be nice to have a team name that isn’t so fucking racist.  I think I’d have some objections if the local team ( no matter how good or steeped in local history) were called Slantyeyes or Yellowskins or Chinks.

Made my way to Silver Spring and helped Nazia pack up bits of her apartment while hanging out with the Chipmunk. Eventually we ventured out for some krazy glue and eats. Ended up in Dama Cafe, that new Ethiopian place right across from Zia’s (soon to be old) apartment. Chris had some beef tips while Zia and I shared some spicy tib wat w/ a whole bunch of injera. Our waitress was adorably attentive and giggly. She laughed a bit at our pronunciation and the fact that we were ordering something potentially mouth-burning but of all people, I think Zia and I could handle our spice.

Dama Cafe 1

Both the beef tips and the beef stew went swimmingly with the injera bread, and the cottage cheese and side salad didn’t hurt. The food wasn’t spectacular by any means but it was good and filling and I wouldn’t mind going back there to check out the rest of the menu.

Dama Cafe 2

Future Plans: Chris’ birthday, Restaurant Week Dinner with Emily, Baltimore bonanaza with Anica, Iris, and Jane

To Do: Fill out application for non-profit (craigslist), send resignation to L, respond to EJ, email FinAid and AcAd.

Song of the day: Kevin Rudolf – Let it Rock

Show of the day: Being Human, Warehouse 12 (Claudia and sexy Joe Flanigan, yesssss)