Sunny Skies Forever

The weather took a turn for the gorgeous after being brutal for a good several months. Hence, Labor Day weekend was about getting out of the house and living life in the ghost towns of DC and Baltimore.  It seemed like almost everyone was away for the holiday.

Saturday, I went to Parkview Rec Center in the morning, and the usual kids were there. I played horsie (starring, of course, as the Horse), did some crafts, played tag, and held a fascinating conversation on all things Disney channel.Apparently, iCarly rules.

Source: Byterology

I promised to meet up with Angel, Claire, Chris, and Iris in Dupont so that’s where I went next. We had Firehook, strolled around a bit, then Claire, Angel, and I took the D6 back to Angel’s place. Great big piano on the first floor that’s apparently off limits, but the neighborhood is gorgeous and cute and filled with Georgetown students back for another school year. Claire headed back home, then Chris joined us and we all had quiet time with cupcakes. I left to catch a ride home, got a little lost and ended up walking down to M Street. New circulator bus between Georgetown and Dupont. And someone set off, like, five fireworks right across from the B&N right when I got there. Must have been in a summer party mood.

Source: Jeff and Gina Fisher

Sunday, spent the day arranging tickets and a person to go see the DC Shakespeare Theatre Company’s free Twelfth Night. Ended up taking Phil cuz he’d played Orsino in his fifth grade GT class.

Source: Shakespeare Theatre Company

It was hilarious with a very tongue in cheek Aguecheek, and an overabundant use of rose petals as a comedic prop and physical motif. Feste had a very fine singing voice and sense of timing. As he should. Also, it was interesting seeing faces that were famous enough to tease at the edges of my mind but not hit it over the head. My brother recognized someone who had been on 30 Rock. It was a weird moment of worlds crossing but probably only for me. Overall, another fine performance to add to the grand total of two live Shakespeare performances I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Source: Washington Life Magazine (different Viola)

Monday, Labor Day, was a totally chill sort of day. Went to Rockville Town Square, picked up Tracy, then metro-ed over to Bethesda to meet up with Chris and catch a ride to Baltimore. We wandered around Hampden, Mount Vernon, and Inner Harbor before picking up Iris (kidnapping her from studying histology) and getting dinner at Houlahan’s. Earlier, we’d had ice cream and fries for lunch at Cafe Hon and the entire weekend was just non-stop randomness. But in a great way, and with friends.

Source: Baltimore Examiner

Rest of the week looks to be gorgeous weather again, though a bit hotter, and I’ve got a to-do list the circumference of the Equator. Just finished with my Bookmarks craft, need to send it off.

Ready to tackle the two Autumn ATCs and the People Watching Story swaps. Also received my bookmark from the swap today, which was quite beautiful and put my bookmarks to shame. My swapper was big-hearted and also sent along some bits of epehemera and some ribbon. A very lovely and satisfying package to receive, overall. I just hope my swappee likes her package once it gets to her in Australia.