Rain drops keep falling on my head . . .

but all it does is disguise my wibbly wobbly tears of girly ovarian emotion. I have got to stop watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I seriously cry every episode. It really doesn’t matter if the family is crying or not, I’ve got tracks down my cheeks and a sniffly nose. The Voisine family has got to be one of the best I’ve seen yet ’cause the community really did keep paying it forward. God, it’s better than Oprah.

Highlights of the past couple of weeks:

– In Baltimore the weekend of the 18th-21st, toured the Walters Art Museum while Sunyia worked in its labs

– Finally got some downtime with Zia and Vivian, even if it was at 5 in the morning, in the midst of several rousing games of Mafia and Axis & Allies. Also got to see a whole bunch of APO kids and visit Book Thing on Sunday, so fun times.

– Saw Julie! Only for about 20 minutes during a loud party but it’s always awesome when I get to see her and discuss free-range Cyrano. I just hope he grows up into a fastidious adult bunny who like to poop in one place.

-Went down to finally see Shane’s workplace and it was purdy. Really purdy with brick and glass in one of the coolest places in Baltimore. Then, Chris and Zia decided that a spaghetti dinner was necessary, so we went back and cooked a huge, awesome, delicious, commune style dinner which actually ended in some really disgusting online videos. But the less said about that portion of the evening, the better.

– Then I went back on Thursday the 24th for Shane’s birthday, mostly cuz I wanted to keep expanding his comic book horizons, and dude, why do I keep finding the cutest guys in comic book stores? Gorgeous geeks w/geek creds and convo. Fun times! Met up with Julie again, in B&N, keeping Shane occipied while Sunyia made a lavish, romantic feast for two (with Danya’s help) and Vivi and Eric Lam (hilarious boy) argued like a married couple. Those two are gonna make awesome Pledgemasters.

 Now, if only I can write an awesome paragraph summary of a kick-ass female superheroine for the Newsarama contest by tomorrow, the past couple of weeks will have rounded out quite nicely.


The Best Laid Plans of Futuristic Robots and Women

I just finished watching the second episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and the kickassery continues, although I’m still not an out and out FAN. It’s definitely got its moments, and Lena Headey being all badass alongside Summer Glau makes for a very happy Tess, but it’s taking me a while to get into the universe. I don’t know if I’m expecting something or if I’m just missing certain nuances but some of the dialogue isn’t doing it for me. I can feel that it’s well acted and filled with something but none of that emotional oomph has hit me yet. Well, hopefully, I’ll start to get into it with the upcoming episodes. Until Battlestar Galactica starts back up, this’ll do me nicely on the women kicking ass front. 🙂

 Other world-shaking events in the back end of nowhere, I’m headed up to Baltimore this weekend to visit mis amigos y para celebrar el cumpleano de “mi hija”, Nazia. I believe she’s turning 22, and this should be fun. Oh, darn, now that I think of it, it must’ve been Chris’ birthday, too. Gotta hand him a belated card or something. It’ll be nice to see people and have some late night chats without worries that they have work or classes the next day. I’m planning on staying ’til my underwear runs out or I get too in everyone’s faces. I doubt they’ll have much time after Intersession for crazy, little, ole me until graduation. No matter how many times I tell myself I wouldn’t have made it anyways, it still stings to think of my friends graduating this year without me. It’s nothing I haven’t brought upon myself but it still sucks a little. I’d like to go to support my friends but I dunno if I can take watching my class graduate and move on when I’ve basically stalled my life.

 On another conflicted note, I’m a horrible American citizen. I’ve yet to register as a Democrat ( in order to vote in the primaries), and even when I do, I’m still not completely sure who I’ll be voting for. It’s really down to H. Clinton or Obama, and I feel like it should be easier than I’m making it. I’m probably going to be spending more time  trolling through the Washington Post and other news archives for more of a history on the two candidates. Well, if I have time between my researching urban gang activities ( I don’t know yet if I want to go all Batman: Year One with the Mob or 100 Bullets with nitty, gritty modern gangs) and trying to think of which powers would complement Lee’s character and circumstances. Plus, I’ve got a couple of short stories ratttling around half-started and I’d really like to finish what stories I have before the very random and sporadic plot bunnies come back to bite me.

For Future Remembrance

I was back on campus last weekend to visit my various room mates and friends, and basically to disrupt their lives with my craziness. Disruptions to exams and labs aside, it was a great weekend. Even if I hadn’t been able to hang out with various friends or watch the Culture Show, it would have been fun just to be able to speak to someone in my age group and get out of the house. Not that any of my friends looked shinier because I was socially deprived. They looked just as shiny or tired or beautiful or bogged down with school work and senior year angst as I would have expected them to be. And I love them for it.

It was wonderful to finally sit down and have a long conversation with Sunshine. I quite seriously felt awful leaving her to senior year. Not that she’s short on friends or confidantes but just as I depend on her for just general bursts of niceness and tolerance of my craziness, I feel that she depends on me for unloading of chest type thoughts.

I wish I weren’t quite so neurotic and socially ignorant and mis-self-aware but it didn’t impede the conversation too much, thank god. So we had a nice long conversation while circling the campus (and following trails and confusing the security) in the blistering cold, and it felt so good. Sunshine told me how things were going with her cousin and family, and at the moment things are at a standstill. He apparently festooned her with gifts with the understanding that she would fall madly in love with him, or at least be more appreciative of him. And unfortunately, a great many people do give gifts for the purpose of rising in someone’s esteem. But the true gift is given purely for the purpose of giving the receiver joy. And when she explained to me how she felt about this, I could feel her (sub)consciously comparing her cousin to Sunshane. I was comparing, too.

She was right. When Sunshane gets her things, you can tell by the nature of the gifts and by his nature that he gets things that he thinks she needs or will enjoy or that he likes for her. And really, he probably likes it when Sunshine likes him for the gifts he gets her. But I’m willing to attribute the more romantic and generous properties of gift giving to him because of the way Sunshine views him. Unfortunately, I’m not nearly as close to Shane as I was freshman year. I lost base with him sophomore year, and I’m just now regaining that ground. Mostly because I’m changing but he’s changed, too. It’s good stuff. It just sucks that it’s happening senior year.

She’s going to have to talk to him before Winter Break, because she’s going to have to say something to her family by then. I wouldn’t blame her if she left it ’til graduation but Winter Break, or Intersession really makes the most sense since it’ll give her time. Spring Break will probably be too busy and short for this kind of talk. I’m wracking my brains trying to figure out what to do for her. Hopefully I can think of something. But she’s got brains and courage, and no matter what I’m standing by her. My only worry at this point is that she turns from the set course (even if temporarily) to find that her other course isn’t strong enough to hold her forever. Everyone, including myself, kind of just assumes that it’s a forever kind of deal, in a starcrossed kind of way, but there’s always the possibility that it’s not. Then what? Anyways, hopefully I can go see her this weekend, get a bit of an update.

It’s great to see various others, too. Iris of Bethesda, Zia, and Vivi. I actually spent some time with the Asian Girls, and had another nice conversation with Julie, which was actually more egocentric than I had anticipated. Egocentric on my part, of course. Hopefully, at some point I will figure out the Chippy/Zia situation and then Hell will freeze over. John has apparently gone shopping for more normal friends, and god knows how that will turn out. I’ve got my fingers crossed for I of B’s interviews. Actually, everyone’s various applications and interviews. It’s just really weird to think that this time next year, at least eighty percent of them will be in different parts of the country, and I’m not sure who I’ll be keeping in touch with. I haven’t exactly been doing a great job with my high school acquaintances. Well, we’ll see. That’s why this post is here. To remind the future me of what was happening at this particular moment in time and space.