Beauty and the Mess

Okay, so I lied. Not so much beauty. But definitely a mess. Kitchen’s covered in sugar, flour, and butter. And I’m planning on piling on even more.

I absolutely love having the house to myself. Cracked the windows wide open, got up early and blasted my country playlist, and generally started off the day right.  With the breeze rolling through the curtains and rustling the turning leaves outside, I’ve been having a day that feels like this:

Source: Irvine Housing Blog

And this

Source: Cottage Dreamers

Just plopped an Angel Food Cake in the oven, put the base custard for a Cinnamon Ice Cream and the base puree for a White Peach Sorbet in the fridge, and need to get started on job applications and crafting swaps. Z was awesome and forwarded me some job opportunities while finding them for her mom’s cousin’s daughter or some relative or other. Also, I have got to turn in at least a page of mermaid story by Thursday. I don’t know if this story will ever finish? I’m willing to keep going ’til at least November when I’m going to give NaNoWriMo a serious shot.

Source: NaNoWriMo

This past weekend was also jam-packed. Friday I headed over to Takoma Park early to wander around and observe six strangers for my People Watching Story swap. It was glorious weather, and I sat right across from a hip, new pizza place that looked like it was managed by an actual Italian (slim fitted gray shirt, tanned skin, and a way of gesturing with his hands), after wandering around the artisan and thift stores clustered around the Takoma Park metro station. Met up with Steve-o and Ben on their way in, played Masons with Steve, the kid, and someone else, then (finally) Pirates’ Cove with Adam, Chris, and the kid whose uncle brings him. The kid was awesome and hilarious.

Saturday was the Chinatown Arts on Foot, Good Stuff Eatery, I Was Pottytrained at Gunpoint art opening, and S’s pit stop at Taco Bell.

Source: revert to plan b

Sunday was Z’s place to hang out. We stopped into a small cafe on our way to KFC, and ate cake there instead.  Then her bf and his friend showed up for a rousing one round of a deck-building game before I had to jet to catch the train home. Delays weren’t too bad cuz I had E-dawg to chat with, and I caught up with W, who’ll be back in town this weekend to recuperate before jetting back to Seattle.

Here, have an a capella version of the song which this post’s title is from. Nickel Creek’s Beauty and the Mess.


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