Yesterday and Today

Yesterday and today were smothered in nostalgia and geekery of the highest quality.

Met up with some high school friends who were in from out of town. W and I were stuck in an automotive wasteland, so we caught lunch at Spice Xing (mediocre at best), hitched a ride with his friend, ran an errand at the only TD bank in the area, then chilled like ice cubes at W’s place ’til Chris and Mike got there. We saw SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD which was stellar in all its video game and Canadian geeky glory.

Went back to W’s place, chilled some more, got Robert mixed into the awesome sauce, and ended the night relatively late for me at around 1:30am. It was nice having Mike to talk to about all the various geeky deals that only I ever seem to be interested in, within our current group of friends in DC. Making geeky references and having them actually ZING instead of fall with a POOT onto the Floor of Misdirected Enthusiams is honestly refreshing.  Plus, it’s just good to see old faces.

Wow. That sounded veritably ancient.

Before we all went our separate ways, we made plans for “Brunch, tomorrow?”  and ended up at Mosaic the next afternoon, where the waffle french toast was heavenly and the coffee kept a’coming.

Source: Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe

Had an uproarious brunch with the conversation ending in hipsters ,

Source: Look at this F*cking Hipster

then made our way through a huge computer emporium next to the Trader Joe’s and TJ Maxx, and then Borders. Had fun talking about everything and nothing with the boys ’til Mike had to get back. Not too bereft since W will be here all week.

Chris and I then got down to some serious business. Shopping for some new casual clothes for him that he normally would not go near. We’ll see what comes of the shopping spree. Headed to Nazia’s for a walk around, lemon chicken, fashion show, food-related reality shows, Howl’s Moving Castle,

and the deck-building game that would not end. Now home and writing this up. Weirdly packed weekend. Weird.

I’ll write up my swapbot news (of which there are copious amounts) tomorrow.

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