Domo Arigato, Sister Swap-Bot-O!

I just dropped off two postcards and two letters for my two Swaps, Dear Soldier and I Love my Library!

My Dear Soldier letters ended up being ridiculously longer than I thought, which hopefully will be as awesome as a trip to the Chocolate Factory for my recipients. Or at least not as boring as a trip to the Prune Juice Bottling Factory. I think I put enough postage on these. The letters were kinda thick.

I really do love my library, so those postcards were easy fills. Especially since there’s only so much room on a postcard, so I couldn’t blather on about what kind of soup I’d had for dinner the other day. I pasted some stickers and my favorite superhero stamps on these. Just to give them some pizzazz (jazz hands!).

I’m going to wait to make sure my mail gets to its intended recipients, then sign up for some more swaps. This is totally as exciting as I thought it would be. 😀

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