It’s a Jungle out there!

Weeded the backyard today, which was a horror show and a half. I’d kind of let the garden grow wild, which ultimately led to weeds taller than me (seriously, seven foot weeds are scary) and insects who were none too happy I was ripping up their freaking McMansion of a weedpile.

They’ll get over it.

I ended up with five mosquito bites on my legs within fifteen minutes before I went back inside to change into long sleeve everything and look up one of those bug zapping force fields.

They’re totally real and really freaking scary. But awesome. And I know we’re supposed to love all of Earth’s children and all but I won’t deny I wept a tear of joy when I saw that mosquito go up in smoke.

Got the patio and garden cleared, so next it’s time to build a proper fence for the garden and hopefully a proper awning for the patio. We’ve got an old sofa that I’d love to waterproof and place on the patio so we can just grill and chill under the cooler summer night skies. I’m kind of annoyed that the I live in an area with so much light pollution and cloud cover ’cause I missed out on the Perseid meteor shower last week. Which is alright, it’ll be back next year, but I’d made plans last, last year to see it this year, and it just didn’t happen.

Source: Universe Today

Oh, well. On to the next set of meteor showers, which should be showing up in October.

On the Swapbot front, I’m totally excited beyond belief for my first two swaps. One is a postcard deal and the other is a letter-writing deal-i-o. I just hope that mine aren’t too amateurish or boring.

I’ve gotten them all written out. And I’m finally using the special edition superhero stamps Jules got me all those years ago.

The postcards are ready to be sent out tomorrow, and the letters will be ready by Thursday. I am so looking forward to receiving mail for the first time in forever. This is going to be amazing. šŸ˜€

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