Lowkey in the City

Well, more like the suburbs. Got picked up by Iris and went to Bethesda to hang out with Shane. He needed a helmet for his bicycle, so we wandered behind the Giant to find some cute little stores, amongst them Griffin Cycles.

As part of our tour, I finally went into the Montgomery Women’s Co-op building off Wisconsin. I’ve only been passing by that place my entire life. It was a nicely packed, smaller version of Eastern Market.  The wares on display outdoors were magnificent. I was sorely tempted by a great deal of jewelry and haberdashery but managed to heroically refrain by dint of having brought no spending money.  It worked out quite nicely.

Afterwards, we had a light lunch at his place of caprese (with tomatoes we picked up at the farmer’s market), steak, and brussel sprouts. The two also endeavored to explain to me why it was alright to chomp into a tomato as though it were an apple but the same could not be said for onions, beets, or garlic cloves. It took way too long to get through my befuddled head, but the more experienced vegetable consumers prevailed in the end.

Shane shoo-ed us out eventually so he could go meet some kids at Great Falls, and I rode the 46 bus back to Rockville from the NIH stop. I stopped by the library to pick up some books, and as a nod to my truly, desolately unfulfilled Reading Challenge, I’ve picked up a book that could potentially be considered for the position of first book to fulfill the Europe challenge. It’s “The Russian Dreambook of Color + Flight” by Gina Ochsner.  A novel set in Russia, by an Oregon author.

I’ve been doing my best to find books written by authors of the same continents in which they are set. And I’m very aware that this challenge is the perfect opportunity to remedy the hysterically inappropriate gaps in my literary education. But, for some reason, I’ve fixated on the idea of introducing myself to modern fiction (most particularly international scifi and fantasy). I took down a couple of author’s names while in Italy, so we’ll see if that search comes to fruition anytime soon.

Oh, man. What I wouldn’t give for a trip back to Daedelus books over in Belvedere Square. I’m missing their insane prices something fierce. Oh, and their impeccable taste, of course. I’m sure I only feel this way about Baltimore because it was the first city I was allowed to love and discover, but Baltimore truly is a unique bastion for us kids on the fringe, with the slightly off and quirky and weird about us. It’s truly lovely.

Anyways, ended the afternoon back home, making a truly awful brown sugar and ale glazed salmon that I’ll need to pan fry with some onions and squash later to reduce the sauce and make it more palatable. But that’s for tomorrow. In the continuing saga of unemployed, homebody me. 😀

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