I have got to stop watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I seriously cry every episode. It really doesn’t matter if the family is crying or not, I’ve got tracks down my cheeks and a sniffly nose. The Voisine family has got to be one of the best I’ve seen yet ’cause the community really did keep paying it forward. God, it’s better than Oprah.

Highlights of the past couple of weeks:

– In Baltimore the weekend of the 18th-21st, toured the Walters Art Museum while Sunyia worked behind-the-scenes in the preservation lab. Apparently there are labs for the preservation of paintings, documents, and statues. Sunyia’s in the document lab working on a nanobinding technique that’s possibly less invasive and more durable than the typical glues used for this kind of work. Apparently, most of the techniques in use today are just tried and true versions of the relatively simple techniques that date back at least a century. It was fascinating touring the place and hearing about her job.

– Finally got some downtime with Zia and Vivian, even if it was at 5 in the morning, in the midst of several rousing games of Mafia and Axis & Allies. Also, got to see a whole bunch of APO kids and visit Book Thing on Sunday. I’ve now got a whole stack of books that need to be read at some point. I know I should stop picking them up but the fact that they’re free just makes them practically leap into my arms.

– Saw Julie! Only for about 20 minutes during a loud party but it’s always awesome when I get to see her and discuss free-range Cyrano. I just hope he grows up into a fastidious adult bunny who like to poop in one place.

-I finally saw Shane’s workplace, and boy, was it was purdy. A beautiful brick and glass building in one of the coolest places in Baltimore. Then, Chris and Zia decided that a spaghetti dinner was necessary, so we went back and cooked a huge, awesome, delicious, commune style dinner which actually ended in some really disgusting online videos. But the less said about that portion of the evening, the better.

– Then I went back on Thursday the 24th for Shane’s birthday, mostly ’cause I wanted to keep expanding his comic book horizons, and dude, why do I keep finding the cutest guys in comic book stores? Gorgeous geeks whose comic book loves are actually coupled with decent social skills. Fun times! Met up with Julie again, in B&N, keeping Shane occipied while Sunshine made him a lavish, romantic feast for two (with Danya’s help) In the background, Vivi and Eric Lam (hilarious boy) argued like a married couple. Those two are gonna make awesome Pledgemasters.

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