The Daughter of Red Fox

The editor of Shadowline is looking for a new female superhero written by one of us, the common masses.  And so I have decided to join the ranks of rank amateurs in a futile attempt to create a female superhero who can be a role model. Someone for guys and gals to relate to. Someone who can kick ass AND solve crimes.

 They say write what you know, so I’m leaning towards a woman around 20 years old, who’s in school and lives with her family. She’s at that age where she’s starting to encounter a world beyond what she’s known, in normal terms such as college and all that entails but also in heroic terms as she gains powers and learns to utilize them. Right now, everything is very much a big jumbly mess of random details, like West VA and East Asian fox legends and a punk younger brother. Love interest is gonna be a fanboy, probably the HHQ librarian/assistant/gofer?

It looks like, the way my writing is going, that my tendency is to put the personal details first. Plot and powers seem to coming in second to characterization and motives. I’ve always been pretty weak on plot and structure but in terms of her powers, I love kickassery and Boom moments so much so that’s what I’m going to be focusing on next. Hopefully, all of this turns into something I’ll be proud of in the end.

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