Geek’s Guide to Life

In order to be accepted by society . . .

1. I need to be presentable.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. No one likes a smelly person. Daily showers, face washing, teeth cleaning, and shaving applicable areas. Clothing that is clean and fits the parameters of fashion within the last five years.

2. I need to be able to interact with a large number of different types of people.

There’s never such a thing as being too polite. And too well-informed. Politeness trumps everything in a social situation. Compliments, involved listening, and an ability to connect with people on a myriad of subjects will ensure your cover as a nice, normal person even if you’re not particularly extroverted.

3. I need to show stability.

Stability needs to be proven in many sectors but usually stability in both financial and amorous undertakings shows stability of psyche and health to the point of assuring others you’re not a lazy bum or psychotic wierdo. So get a career and a steady significant other.

More to come as I think of them.

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