I’m never getting married. Ever. If only to spite my mother, I am never going to get married.
Or I’ll have a non-Catholic ceremony. And then it won’t really count. Oooh. I’ll have a Wiccan ceremony. I won’t “really” be married, to her, PLUS she’ll think I’m consorting with the devil.
Oh, man. Now I definitely need to get married.

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    • My mom told me I was uber stubborn, and she brought up the example of my belief that I wouldn’t ever marry. Not my plan, just my belief. But then, she got quite smug and very “I’m an adult so I obviously know better” and even if she’s right and I can’t say never, I’m not getting married, just to spite her.
      Which is all very teenage angst-ery of me, but then my parents aren’t going to be very understanding about someone who isn’t Korean Catholic, so even if I do get married, they probably won’t know for the first year or so.

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