I just saw The Pianist (great movie, recommend to all) and it got me thinking about the absolutely inherent horror of a violent scene paired with incongruously cheerful or beautiful music. So basically, someone getting tortured to Gershwin jazz or a fluffy Mozart piece. The juxtaposition of humanity’s darkest depravity and mankind’s most uplifting form of expression is fairly creepy. Or maybe it’s just me.

Try it sometime, though. Watch a horrible scene in a movie with an overly cheerful song on. Doesn’t it strike you as fundamentally wrong? It’s like a minor chord. You can just tell it’s off.

Anyways, happier subject. British Pride and Prejudice Version 2.0 and Free Friends Friday along with nineteenth birthday makes for an interesting weekend. (Yippee Elaine!)


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  1. yay! btw, you are the hardest person to reach EVER! so, i’m getting here thursday night, so friday/saturday you are CLAIMED! haha, my mom and i are going ann taylor loft shopping early on friday, and that night i’m going to emily’s concert (you should come!) but other than that my time is open for birthday plans. we should see the theatre movie friday and we can do the 6 hour one as either a sleepover or on saturday. CAAAAAAAAAAAALL MEEEEEEEEEEE! we will plan πŸ™‚
    p.s. i’ve never seen the pianist…i saw rent though and it was really cool!

  2. yes esther… yes.
    you should try watching shindler’s list on mute and playing either the beatles or some sort of childrens song in the backround, and then go back to thinking how fundamentally wrong it is… tho i do not recoomend this action, trying rewatching requiem for a dream if you have seen it already and bask in the glorious music is plays.

  3. Hi there, wondering if I could add you, and maybe add me back?
    Ooh, I REALLY want to see that movie, I fell in love with Wladyslaw Szpilman’s book and the film has been on my todo list for some while. Have you read the book?

      • Re: P.S.
        Thanks! And complete icon love. Didja see Serenity? I was one of the bad people who had no money and couldn’t see it in the theaters, but I’m planning on buying the DVD. πŸ™‚

      • Re: P.S.
        I did indeed, five times. (I have no life and now very little money left). I’m very obsessed with Firefly/Serenity to say the least, I’ve already preordered Region 1, 2 and 4 DVDs (Australia gets the best extras).
        But I will be very wary of spoilers in my journal! How have you managed to avoid them on lj?

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