To force change is to kill it . . .

So, Ferret had an awesome entry today about how we really can’t know all of the possible changes that will come with the legalization of same sex marriages, and thus we shouldn’t lie and say everything will be alright. And I agree. But that also got me to thinking of the line “To force change is to kill it.” And I believe that also. Humanity has to ripen to change. You can help it along by dispersing knowledge and facts and your own opinions. But you can’t grab the opposition, scream at them for days on end, and expect them to agree. They need to feel that the changes are for the better. Ideally, they need to feel, deep within their souls, that supporting the change is the right thing to do.

I hate it when people can’t see that the opposition has a good argument, if it’s a good argument. You don’t have to agree with it, of course you have your own opinions and ethics, but you need to understand that the other person has a perfectly viable if disparate view. A good debate is one of the many joys of life but an argument with people who refuse to believe you might have a point to make is one of the many hells.

I like to believe I see both sides to a situation or an argument. I know I don’t always and that it’s something I need to work on. But, gods, wouldn’t it be great if the majority of people could?

3 thoughts on “To force change is to kill it . . .

    • Heh, only for you.
      People ARE stew-pod.
      Have you got my letter yet? And would it be indecent to send you another letter so soon? Cuz I never got a chance to try out my Wonder Woman stationery. 🙂

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