So, I got spammed by a Christian dating service. Umm, hello? Me? Christian dating service? Might as well put me in a room with several very large bombs with several very large red buttons saying DO NOT PUSH. I and my Christian dating cohorts would explode within a matter of seconds:

e.g. Me: So, what do you think of same sex marriage?
Him: I believe it’s morally wrong. Same sex union gives our children the idea that it’s alright to be gay, and that’s wrong.
Me: I’m actually a guy.
Him: . . .
Me: Just kidding. Actually, I’m not. I’m a hermaphrodite. What does God say about that?

Anyways. I’d hate to limit my dating choices just because someone isn’t the right religion or race or something. If I’m gonna be selective, I’d rather be selective on criteria like humour, intelligence, Batman (you must appreciate the Batman, no choices there ), or cologne(I LOVE Acqua and Bulgari ).

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