So, my favorite community for crack (scans daily) had this awesome comic where Batman fights crime with a baby. Mows down gunners . . . with a baby. Drives a runaway bus . . . with a baby. Puts out a fire . . . with a baby. You get the idear. Then an awesome idea springs up in the comments, pondering the effects of an Infinite Baby Crisis, where every hero suddenly has to take care of a baby. And that’s where this baby came to life. It’s animated JLU universe, and it’s only the original Justice League that’s got the babies, but boy have they got the babies. Anyone want to beta? Anyone know where I can find a beta? This is my second attempt at fic ever so I definitely need the benefit of other eyes. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Babyman!

    • Will do. Oh, and I haven’t called back on my cell cuz then my mom would have heard me talking and she’d have started heckling me to stop talking because I was using up expensive minutes and stuff. And have you got the letter yet? I made it all long and full of small stickers. 🙂
      I can’t believe you’re going to Cambridge! Have fun with Devon! Heh, the best part about Cambridge that I can remember is that it has a comic book store that sells Sluggy Freelance. 🙂

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