Red Hot Remy Moment

Has anyone else seen Ocean’s 12? If you haven’t, stop reading it right now . . .

I warned you. Stop reading this post. . .

Unless you don’t plan on ever watching it. . .

Anyways, for those of you who have seen it, or never plan on seeing it, the part where Tolour does his laser dance. Omigod. Hot. Sizzling sexy and just hot. I so had a Gambit (X-men, Remy LeBeau) moment there. The music was sexy, his moves were sexy, and it was just awesome. Was that a form of capoiera that he used to get through? Oh man. I so remembered why I loved Gambit best out of all the X-men. Plus he’s French so he has that magnificent accent. Tres bien.

Listenin’ to The A La Menthe, the song for the Laser Dance. 😉


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