Oy, fanfic over here-ah! Take that, Lee!

“I can’t bloody well believe it! Of all the places! Of all the people! Stuck on an island with Malfoy!” Ginny raged. A lounging Draco watched as the fiery red head continued her determined stalk on the beach. She had been at it for the last twenty minutes, and frankly he was getting tired of it all. The afternoon sun held no mercy as it soaked the moisture out of Draco’s mouth, leaving him with a parched throat and a small bout of dizziness. Not that he would ever admit it, especially not to a Weasley. Absolutely not to a female Weasley whose lithe curves were driving him crazier than his incessant thirst. . .

A small bit, but enough for Lee to bring down the thoroughly rude wrath of his avenging thoughts on fanfic. I think I might start to actually attempt to write fanfic, as opposed to just reading others’ works and despairing of ever becoming half as good. Maybe I should join an RPG where I can work on developing a character and writing different situations? Ah, well. We shall see.

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