Saturday night I went to a cast party for Boy Meets Girl where I met the most adorable and talented gay couple. One is a composing major at Peabody, and his older boyfriend is an artiste. God, I wish I could have taken either of the paths they did. The apartment in which the party was held was mind blowing, with some of my fave Pre-Raphaelite artists and the all of the walls painted a vibrant maroon with gold edging. Afterwards, a quick stop at a frat party to check up on Poonam. Then off to Nam Gang for some Korean food.

Met the gay couple again when I went to see the JHOP (Hopkins Theatre) production of Boy Meets Girl. John Astin (original Gomez in the Addams Family tv series, which I find to be very cool) was magnificent, as was the rest of the cast.

Listening to Gorillaz’ new song Feel Good Inc. I missed them. 🙂
Maroon 5 concert was fun.

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