Walkin’ Down Lazy Lane

So Ancient Egyptian Culture as a class to while away the time is extremely awesome. I’ve learned a lot of new information, plus it’s only three days of the week, from 3-5 pm. This isn’t heaven, but it’s close. What with all my free time and all, have spent my lazy ass days amateur painting/drawing, reading long anticipated books, listening to music, browsing the internet, exploring the city, and basically “chillin’ and illin’ like a villain” (as Robert or James would put it).

I’m quite put out that I couldn’t see a lot of my friends over winter break, but Disney world was definitely fun (even with the two drama queens, dear mother and brother).

It’s fucking freezing in Baltimore and I really don’t think I’ll be leaving my dorm room for the next two weeks. Hot chocolate time. 🙂

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