To Exam or not to exam . . . there is no question

Exams start Monday, and who is not ready?

Why, yes, I do believe you are correct. Esther is not ready! or, in Jeopardy format (to celebrate . . . or mark the passing of Ken Jennings), Who is Esther?
Studying is the most popular activity at JHU and it just became the Queen Bee, the top cheerleader, the football capt’n, the absolute pinnacle of all activities. Everyone is making a valiant effort, though, to make sure our lives are not completely taken over by the textbooks. People seem to believe that no study breaks equal proportional amounts of the brain being sucked into the annals of JHU studying history. I, myself, shall endeavor to keep that from happening. Hopefully me amigos shall not turn into academic zombies reciting the various steps of the Kreb Cycle or the effects of Friction on Work. 🙂

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