Ah, the life of a budding pirate turned college student turned legal sex/smoking/voting buddy

I wonder if the cliche of smoking after sex came into being because of the American law allowing both legal smoking and sex at the age of 18. Or if teens just found both concepts so deliciously sinful and cool that they needed to be incorporated into one tradition.

The reason I ponder this is because I become “of age” on Wednesday. I wonder if I’ll feel a sudden wellspring of responsibility and maturity upon waking tomorrow morning. Heh, most likely not.

On a less abstract note, Thanksgiving was a whirlwind of food and shopping, with the end result being a fatter and better winter-clothes-equipped Esther. Also, the Esther is now i-pod equipped. Beware pedestrians. If you happen to meet an asian gel slippin’ and slidin’ along the sidewalk to music only she can hear, she is to be ignored or applauded.

That is all. G’nite mates.

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